Why should I give up a week of my summer to attend Boys' State?

This is tough one. I mean really, Boys' State is in June and you have just spent the last ten months racking your brains out learning about science, math, etc. Why would you want to spend another week having to learn stuff? There are many good reasons to attend Boys' State. Here is our very own Top 10 list...

10.) If you pay attention at all, you'll almost (this is a disclaimer) be guaranteed to be a star in your senior government class.

9.) It is good to have on your college admission applications.

8.) You get to eat real college food.

7.) You will most likely be attending college in a little over one year and this is a good test of your ability to meet new and different people.

6.) It's cool to learn with people who actually want to learn.

5.) Sparkling counselors. 

4.) This is an excellent place to try out your leadership skills with people who don't know you. 

3.) It is VERY good to have on your scholarship applications.

2.) Even though you might not want to admit it now, you like having friends. Most graduates make life-long friendships with people from all across the state they have met during this week.

1.) You might get to miss the last few days of school!

What are the dates of the 2017 session? 

Saturday, June 24th through Thursday June 29, 2017.

How do I apply? 

The Application will be available on our website by mid March. You must be selected by an American Legion post to complete the application. Contact your Guidance counselor or your local American Legion Post for application information. If there is no American Legion Post in your area, contact us at davidgreenleaf@hotmail.com and we will try to match you up with one.

What kinds of clothes should I bring?

First, of all, bring enough clean clothes to last one week without laundry. Bring a light jacket in case of rain or cool weather. For the day's activities you will want to wear comfortable clothes -- shorts, T-shirts, jeans, whatever you like. You will receive one Boys' State T-shirts at registration which you should wear for the picture session on Sunday. For recreation you will want to bring shorts, T-shirts, athletic shoes and personal equipment like softball gloves, soccer balls, tennis racquet, etc. For the formal opening and closing ceremonies you will need long pants (not jeans) , a jacket and tie, shoes and socks.

If I drive to Boys' State, is there a place where I can park my car?

Yes. The parking garage is adjacent to the dormitory and is patrolled by campus police. However, you will NOT have access to your car during the week.

When is the first meal?

Dinner is served at 5:30 p.m on the first day for delegates and counselors. We suggest that you eat lunch BEFORE you arrive at ECSU.

What will I need to do if I have to leave early?

In general we discourage leaving early for any reason, family emergencies excluded. However, if you must leave early, you must obtain a release form from the Boys State Director. Delegates who do not participate in the entire program will not receive their Boys State certificates or pins.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I may have to arrive after the registration line is closed. What should I do?

As soon as you know you will be arriving late, contact American Legion Department Headquarters  in Rocky Hill at 860-616-2340 and let us know. After Friday Jun 23, you may contact us at 860-919-2783.

What types of sports will be offered during the week?

Organized sports include basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Tennis courts and the indoor swimming pool are also usually available for use by Boys Staters. Ultimate frisbie has also been a popular pickup sport in recent years. ECSU does NOT allow Boys Staters to use the weight room facilities.

Can I leave campus during the week?

No. With over 250 delegates and counselors, we restrict off campus travel to emergencies only. If you are participating in sports or other programs which may conflict with your ability to be in attendance for the entire week, you may need to make a choice prior to your arrival. Delegates who do not attend the entire program will not receive certificates and pins at the conclusion of the week.

Thanks to the folks at Kansas Boys State for the top ten list of reasons to attend.

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