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Selection of Citizens

In the actual selection of boys as citizens of Boys State, merit and ability alone are the basis for selection. No boys are permitted to attend because of either wealth or poverty. Boys State is not a program for underprivileged boys, nor is it a summer camp for recreation. Fees, or “tuition,” are paid by the American Legion Posts or other community-minded organizations, with little or no expense to a young man or his family.

American Legion Posts in the State of Connecticut are invited to send as many delegates as they can afford to sponsor. Many local Legion Posts solicit sponsorship funds from other service organizations to help send more boys to the program. Boys interested in attending Boys State should contact their local American Legion post about sponsorship.


The selection process varies within the individual posts in Connecticut, but in general the posts solicit recommendations from high schools within their area. Schools generally recommend several more boys than the sponsor has funding for and the final selection is left to the sponsoring post. Selection procedures within the various schools varies widely, but is generally done through the guidance or activities office. Schools which do not currently send boys to the program are urged to contact the American Legion to find out about sponsorships in their area.

To qualify to attend Connecticut Boys State, a student must be a male high school junior, maintaining a C or better average and a resident of the state of Connecticut. Boys State is a recognized activity of CASSP (Connecticut Association of Secondary School Principals) and time off from scheduled school activities is generally permitted to boys selected to attend the program. Many citizens frequently are required to take final examinations early in order to attend boys state.

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